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Alumni Hall of Fame - Arlene Nanry, RN

Picture of ARLENE NANRY, RN ’03

Hospice Nurse, UR Medicine Home Care Chair, Story of Hope Comfort Care Home
Nominated by Donna M. Soles ‘03, BSN, RN

Career changer who answered our community’s call for more registered nurses.

After raising a family in Rochester and working jobs as a bank teller, letter carrier with the postal service, and as a home health aide and medical liaison, Arlene Nanry decided to take a chemistry course at MCC to test her abilities. She interpreted passing the course as a sign to study nursing at MCC.

With support from MCC’s Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program, Arlene earned an MCC associate of applied science degree in nursing at age 50. Following graduation, she entered the oncology field as a registered nurse at Unity (Park Ridge) Hospital. Years later, she discovered her passion for hospice nursing, and today provides care through the Visiting Nurse Service of Rochester and Monroe County/UR Medicine Home Care and is the impetus in opening the Story of Hope Comfort Care Home, for families seeking end of life care. She encourages prospective nursing students to go to MCC for its affordability and excellent education, noting how graduates achieve high pass rates on licensure exams.

Arlene is the recipient of numerous awards including the Kennedy Fellow Award, National Association of Hispanic Nurses Award, and the Gertrude Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Award. She is also a member of the Hospice and Palliative Care Association.