Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Determination FAQ

Are there other health related programs at MCC?

Answer: Yes, there are. We offer associate's degrees in Biotechnology, Health Studies-Clinical, Community Health and Healthcare Administration), Pre-Chiropractice Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy and a certificate in Office Technology: Medical Office Assistant. In addition, see Transfer Advising guides for other programs.  For admissions information on these other health programs listed, please view our catalog.

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How do students get into the program?

Answer: All applicants who meet the listed prerequisite courses can be considered for admission to their desired program. We rank these applicants by the number of priority points they have (please see priority point courses for each program under Admissions Requirements & Procedures). The applicants are ranked from greatest number of points to least number of points. Each program takes students starting at the top of this list until all the available seats in the program are filled. High school applicants (those in their senior year of high school at the deadline date) are not expected to have priority point courses, rather their admission is based on their exam grades in the listed prerequisite courses.

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Can I get points for experience/other qualifications? Will references or essays factor into determination of who gets in?

Answer: For adult students, we use only the items listed under the Priority Placement section of the Admissions Requirements & Procedures. For most programs, you will receive one additional point if you are a honorable discharged military veteran or currrent service member. For some programs, you will receive four additional points if you have a bachelor's degree.

For high school students (those in their senior year of high school at the deadline date), we use only the criteria listed under Admissions Requirements & Procedures.

No additional points are awarded for other experiences or certifications (ex. volunteer experiences, EMT certification, New Visions programs, master's degree, etc). We do not look at references or essays when determining who will be admitted.

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If I didn't get in this semester, do I need to reapply?

Answer: If you enroll for the semester in which you applied for the high-demand program in a degree or certificate program and want to be considered for the next semester, you must submit a program change application through Graduation Services by the deadline. (Example: You do not get in to Nursing for the Spring semester, so you matriculated into Health Studies-Clinal for the Spring semester and take classes, you need to do a program change by the deadline.)

If you did not enroll in a program (or are non-matriculated) for the semester in which you applied for the high-demand program, you do need to reapply through the Admissions Office.

High school students who are not admitted right out of their senior year will be in the regular applicant pool when they apply again in the future.

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I have all of the priority placement courses, but I didn't get in, what do I do now?

Answer: There are two different options. You can retake courses either at MCC or at another accredited college to get a higher grade to reapply or put in a program change application into the program at a later date. Alternatively, you can also look into other programs at other colleges as admission is never guaranteed into any of these programs at MCC.

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How many students are admitted into each program?

Answer: For Nursing, we admit 70 students each Fall and Spring semester (for Fall only, about 10 of accepted students are high school students). Please note that for students admitted into Nursing directly out of high school, the program is spaced over three years; during the first year you will take courses as described in Admissions Requirements & Procedures and you must get a C or higher in both BIO 144 and BIO 145 during your first year to continue into clinical coursework the second year.

For Radiologic Technology, we admit 33 students each Fall semester (of which 3 are high school students). 

For Dental Hygiene, we admit about 40 students each Fall semester (of which 4 are high school students). 

For Dental Assisting, we generally admit 12 students each Fall semester (of which 2 are high school students). 


For our other programs, the number can vary.  Information sheets may contain the amount of people that we accept into each program (if available).


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How are points calculated? Is there anything that I can do to get more points? Can someone calculate my points for me? How many points do I need to have?

Answer: You can utilize the information under Admissions Requirements & Procedures to calculate your points (point calculation is different for high school applicants - please see requirements). For each priority placement course, we multiply the grade you got in the course by the credit hours of the course to get your quality points. See the requirements for both Nursing and Radiologic Technology for special rules applying to Anatomy and Physiology. We give you the sheets on how we calculate points so that you are able to calculate your own points. We will not calculate your points for you.

For adults interested in Dental Hygiene, Nursing or Radiologic Technology: Typically students that get in have a minimum of 50 points by the deadline.

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Do I need all "A"s in the courses?

Answer: Having all "A"s in the priority placement courses will definitely help in getting into the program. However, each semester it depends upon the applicant pool in regards to if you need to have all "A"s to get into the program. We rank students and take those with the most number of points to fill the available seats.

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Acceptance Letter FAQ

I was accepted into Liberal Arts: Health Related (LA05) or Health Studies-Clinical (HS03) or Health Related-2nd degree (HS05) what does that mean?

Answer: Any student who was not admitted into their desired program, or was not placed on the temporary waitlist, will be admitted to LA05 or HS03 or HS05. This allows students to be enrolled in a degree program at MCC so they can work towards completing prerequisites and/or priority point courses.

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My admissions letter says that I am lacking prerequisites and/or need to build my math or science skills, what does this mean?

Answer: If your letter says you are lacking prerequisites that means you do not have one or more of the listed prerequisite courses for your desired program. For example, if you applied for Dental Hygiene and your letter says you are lacking prerequisites and need to build your science skills, that means you do not have the biology and/or chemistry prerequisite requirement met.

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My admissions letter says that I need more points, what does that mean?

Answer: The program is competitive with a limited number of spots. We look at the applicant pool for the program, and rank each applicant according to how many priority points s/he has. Those with the most points are admitted. If your admissions letter says you do not have enough points, that means that for the semester and program which you applied, all of the students getting in had more priority points than you did. There is no set amount of points you need to have, it varies each semester based on how many points each student in that applicant pool had. High school applicants (those in their senior year of high school at the deadline date) are not expected to have priority point courses, rather their admission is based on the prerequisite course exam grades as described in Admissions Requirements & Procedures.

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What is the difference between the prerequisites and the priority placement courses?

Answer: The prerequisite courses are requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible to apply to the program. The priority point courses do not all need to be completed prior to applying, but are the main way you can earn points towards competing to get into the program of choice. The more priority point courses you have taken, and the higher your grades are in the courses, the more overall points you will have. All applicants are ranked based on their overall point value, and those with the highest points get into the program.

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Transfer Credit FAQ

How do I know if my transcript has been evaluated?

Answer: We will review each transcript that we receive from the colleges you attended. You will be sent an email for each college letting you know what transferred to MCC and which course at MCC it was equivalent to. These courses will also appear on your MCC transcript.

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Can I take credits at another school to try to get into my intended program again?

Answer: Yes, we will accept transfer credit from regionally accredited colleges. We do not regard transfer credit any differently than credits taken at MCC. You can view our equivalency chart for many colleges in the area to determine if the courses you took or would like to take at another institution are equivalent to the courses you need at MCC. If you are looking at taking a course or have taken a course that isn't listed, we would advise that you make sure to check in with the admissions office so that you know the course will transfer in as what you are intending it to transfer in as. Courses need to be taken with a "C" or higher to transfer in. All official college transcripts need to be on file with the admissions office by the application deadline.

-For those interested in Radiologic Technology, there are several math courses that meet the requirement, please contact the admissions office if you have any questions about math transfer credit.

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Wait List FAQ

Is there a waitlist?

Answer: Yes, there is a waitlist. The waitlist consists of those students who were close to the amount of points needed to get into the program and if students who have been accepted into the program, declined admission, that is when we go into the waitlist. The waitlist doesn't carry over into other semesters and/or other years. It is only good for the semester for which you applied. 

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How do I know if I got in off of the waitlist?

Answer: You will receive an admissions certificate/notification if you are taken off of the waitlist and are accepted into the program.

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Next Steps

What do I do now?

Answer: If you decide to take or retake courses here, you can register as long as registration has opened up for you. Here is a link on when registration will be open:

Here is a link on how to register:

We highly encourage all students that are particularly interested in our high-demand, health-related programs to register as soon as possible, as many priority point courses fill quickly.

If you have decided to take courses at another school, contact the Admissions Office at MCC if you want to make sure any credits from another school will transfer into your intended program in case you decide to apply again. Please check the equivalency chart first to see if the course you are interested in is listed.


What options do I have as an LPN?

Answer: LPNs may be eligible to apply for Advanced Standing. There are both a three semester and a two semester option that have additional requirements in order to be eligible to apply. Please see Admissions Requirements & Procedures for these requirements. An LPN is still eligible to apply for the regular, 4 semester Nursing program. An LPN applicant will have to choose which option they want to apply for as s/he can only be considered for one program (ex. have to select if s/he wants to be in the applicant pool for the full 4-semester program, or the 3 or 2 semester option). We do not take a set number of applicants to the advanced standing option programs as those are filled on a space available basis. (We wait until after the semester is over to see how many spots are available for new starts in semester 2 and 3 of the program.)

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