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Learning Centers

The Mathematics Department provides services to students in two locations:

Mathematics Department services in both locations are coordinated by Brigitte Martineau, Mathematics Learning Center Coordinator and Kathleen Milligan, Mathematics Learning Center Senior Technical Assistant.

Summer hours are listed below:


Week 1 - 5/27 to 5/31: Closed on Monday for Memorial Day, TWR 8am to 3pm
Week 2 -  6/3 to 6/7: MR 8am to 3pm, TW 8am to 8pm
Week 3 -  6/10 to 6/14: MR 8am to 3pm, TW 8am to 8pm
Week 4 -  6/17 to 6/21: MR 8am to 3pm, TW 8am to 8pm
Week 5 -  6/24 to 6/28: MR 8am to 3pm, TW 8am to 8pm
Week 6 -  7/1 to 7/5: MTW 3pm to 6pm only. Closed on Thursday for July 4th. 


Week 1 - 7/8 to 7/12: MTWR 8am to 3pm, no tutoring Monday
Week 2 -  7/15 to 7/19: MR 8am to 3pm, TW 8am to 8pm
Week 3 -  7/22 to 7/26: MR 8am to 3pm, TW 8am to 8pm
Week 4 -  7/29 to 8/2: MR 8am to 3pm, TW 8am to 8pm
Week 5 -  8/5 to 8/9: MR 8am to 3pm, TW 8am to 8pm
Week 6 -  8/12 to 8/16: MTWR 3pm to 6pm only

Please view our brochure that describes our services.

Robert A. Fratangelo Mathematics Learning Center

Professor Robert A. Fratangelo was a founding member of the Monroe Community College Mathematics Department; he was a dedicated teacher, humanitarian, counselor, mentor, friend, and confidante. In 1989, Monroe Community College recognized Professor Fratangelo for these qualities by making him the recipient of the Wesley T. Hanson Award for teaching excellence. He co-authored several college mathematics textbooks and inspired many students to become mathematics teachers. After his untimely death in 1992, the Mathematics Department renamed the Mathematics Learning Center the Robert A. Fratangelo Mathematics Learning Center in his honor. Students may obtain information about the Robert A. Fratangelo scholarship from the Mathematics Department office, 8-510.


RAFMLC Policies 

  • Swipe in when you enter and out when you leave the study/help area in 11-204 or the computer room in 11-206.  This helps generate operating funds for the RAFMLC.
  • You must present a current MCC photo ID card to borrow reserve materials.  To take tests, you must present a current MCC photo ID or a valid driver’s license.
  • You may not use your cell phone in the RAFMLC.  Please silence your cell phone when you enter.  You are entering a studying and testing area.
  • Computers are for academic purposes.  No exceptions.
  • Please consume snacks, lunch, etc. in a nearby lounge, but not in the RAFMLC.
  • You may consume beverages in closed containers in 11-204.  To protect the computers, no beverages are permitted in 11-202 or 11-206.
  • Please be considerate of other students, and keep the noise level to a minimum.


Computer Classroom 11-202
Study and Tutoring Area 11-204
Computer Room 11-206
FLEX MTH Lab 11-206 (back)



11-202: Computer Classroom

The computer classroom houses 32 computers for classroom instruction.  This classroom was made possible through a grant from the Kilian J. and Caroline F. Schmitt Foundation in 1997.

In the computer classroom, each student is the center of instruction.  The instructor serves as a tutor/mentor/coach/advisor/facilitator who works with individuals, small groups and sometimes the entire class.  The instructor assists students with their learning, answers questions and supplements the online instruction.


11-204: Front Desk/Study-Help Area


Students may study in groups or alone.  Textbooks and solutions manuals as well as scientific and graphing calculators are available at the front desk for room use only with a current MCC photo ID card. 

Free Tutoring

Professional mathematics tutors are available to answer students’ questions on a walk-in basis.  You do not need an appointment.  We encourage students to look at the Suggestions and Guidelines for Tutoring before seeking tutoring.

Note:  First week of classes: 11-204 is open, but no tutoring is available.  2nd -15th week of classes: 11-204 is open and tutoring is available.  (Click here for Tutor Hours on Brighton Campus.)


There is a testing area for make-up tests and SUNY Learning Network courses as well as national and state mathematics contests.  Students must present their current MCC photo ID card or a valid driver’s license in order to take a test.

Reserve Library

  • Textbooks
  • Solutions manuals
  • Study guides
  • Scientific and graphing calculators
  • Faculty reserve materials

Mathematics Appreciation Month – April

The RAFMLC hosts Mathematics Appreciation Month events during the month of April.  Past fun and exciting events have included Games Day, The Amazing Math Race, Octa-Tetra Construction Hours, 4th Dimension and Hypercube Presentations and Origami Day.  Please read the Student Tribune during the month of April for announcements of Mathematics Appreciation Month events.

11-206: Computer Room & FLEX MTH Lab

There are 60 PCs and three high-volume laser printers available for students to use on a walk-in basis.  On occasion, faculty may reserve some of the computers for class sessions.  Computers that have been reserved will have reserved signs placed on them.  Students are free to use any computers that have not been reserved.  Instructors may give students assignments to complete in the computer room or students may choose to use the available software for their own exploration. 

Available Software

  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Internet access for email and coursework on MyMathLab and MyMCC
  • Geometer’s Sketchpad
  • Minitab 18
  • MathType 6
  • PDF creator


Professional mathematics tutors are available on a walk-in basis during limited hours for students in need of mathematics assistance while working on tutorial software or other mathematics programs such as Minitab. (Click here for Tutor Hours on Brighton Campus.)



Tutoring Hours for the Downtown Campus:

Professional mathematics tutors are available to answer students' questions on a walk-in basis. Tutoring begins during the second week of classes. Tutoring times vary.

Please click here to view operating hours at the Downtown Campus.

Please visit the Learning Commons Tutoring website for more information. 

Reserve Library

Texts, solutions manuals, scientific and graphing calculators are available for student use.

For a listing of labs and learning centers at MCC, see the Labs and Learning Centers Directory.

 Are you and MCC student looking for help in your mathematics course?

Here is what you need to know!

  • If you are registered in an MCC mathematics course and you have questions, the RAFMLC has tutors to help.
  • Try the problems yourself first.  Bring your work with you – do not erase it.  Have your questions ready.  Please also bring your text, notes, paper, graph paper, pencil and calculator, as needed.
  • Plan ahead.  It could be busy when you drop by.  Use regular study habits to build success in mathematics.
  • Raise your hand to indicate that you have a question.  The tutor will circulate among students. If many students have questions, you may have to wait.  Please be patient.  Tutors try to spend at most five minutes with a student before circulating.  If you need more help, tutors will get back to you when they can.
  • While you wait, continue studying: read the text, review class notes, try other problems or consult a solutions manual.
  • The RAFMLC does not make appointments.  If you would like an individual tutoring appointment, try the Academic Foundations Learning Center in Building 11, Room 211.
  • Tutors may discuss general mathematics concepts, class notes or homework assignments that will not be graded.  They may discuss problems from your text, including a problem similar to a graded one.  It is your responsibility to identify a similar problem for the tutor.  Tutors may not help with exams or grade assignments, unless the instructor has indicated permission on the assignment.
  • Your instructor is your primary learning resource.  Tutoring cannot replace a missed class.