The Monroe County Parking Program at Monroe Community College on the Downtown Campus is a fee-based program that requires parking by registering your vehicle with Parking Services or at meters only. Currently, employees who are hired under Civil Service or Faculty contracts are not required to pay for parking. Employee parking requests can be submitted on-line. This requires you to sign onto myMCC and click on the Banner tab. Go to Banner Self Service. From there select Employee and go to My Parking Account. Request parking. Once your vehicle(s) are registered you are able to park in any designated employee lot/spaces.

Part-time employees must register their vehicle(s) in person at the Parking Services Office. Vehicle registration, photo ID and the monthly fee of $6.00 is required to complete the transaction. Multiple months may be purchased in advance.

Once registered, vehicle's license plate will allow you parking in lot AA, BB, and CC. Refer to the Downtown Campus Map

Just as a reminder, employees with students attending the college must register shared vehicles under their own parking account and pay the parking fee. Employees’ children are not permitted to use their parent's vehicle under their parent's parking account.

Refer to the Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations. It gives a detailed explanation of the Parking Program. Any questions or concerns should be directed to our office at extension 2700. We will gladly assist you with special needs! We issue temporary paper permits for guest lecturers, loading/unloading, etc.


Avoid unnecessary ticketing: Early notification to our office of special situations contributes greatly towards meeting your needs and that of the College Community.


Remember: The visitor spaces are for visitors ONLY. This regulation is strictly enforced to provide parking for visitors.

If you have a condition that requires handicap-parking privileges, handicap parking is available. To learn specific details, refer to Section "H" in the Parking Rules and Regulations or call extension 2700 for assistance.

M.A.P. - Motorist Assistance Program

If your vehicle needs jump-starting or the keys are locked inside your vehicle, go to the Information Desk on the first floor of Building 32 and we can assist you.