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Rseources and benefits of the Psychology Learning Center


The Psychology Learning Center and the course design linked to it offer many advantages for students taking Introductory Psychology (PSY 101) at MCC, including:

Course Standardization: At MCC, every section of PSY 101 is taught in the same way (except for the Honors section). All instructors use the same textbook and distribute tests from the same test bank, and the tests all cover the same learning objectives on the same schedule. This provides several benefits for students:

  • The learning objectives and study guide questions have been carefully thought out and thoroughly reviewed
  • The textbook price is held as low as possible (we know, it is expensive anyway)
  • The test questions are frequently reviewed by a variety of faculty
  • The schedule is followed precisely
  • Any PSY 101 professor can assist you in the course, since we all teach the same material on the same schedule
  • Your friends who are also taking PSY 101 will be studying exactly the same material, even if they have different professors

Tutoring: Faculty are available as tutors in the Learning Center during most, but not all, of the hours that it is open. A schedule detailing which faculty members are tutoring at which times is posted in the Learning Center starting about the third week of the semester. With the exception of one or two student tutors, all other tutors are regular teachers of PSY 101, and because of the standardized structure of the course, they can each help you as well as your own professor. See our Tutoring page for detail.

Practice Tests: Practice tests are available in different contexts. They are all designed to help you identify the material you haven't studied enough yet and help you work on improving your readiness to take a test. One practice test is accessible solely in the Learning Center, and another can be seen only in the classroom. The two types of practice tests are:

  • Computerized tests, which are similar in format to the tests you will take on the computer in the Learning Center. These practice tests contain questions from our actual test bank, but you receive an immediate grade that is not counted in your official record. There is one practice test for each unit, with one item on each learning objective. It is available on the computers in the Psychology Learning Center. If you have any questions about the items on a practice test, see an instructor, who will be glad to go over them with you.
  • In-Class practice tests also contain items taken from our actual test bank. Instructors can use them during class to review the material (and some do, some don't).
  • Practice quizzes taken through MyPsychLab are also excellent practice for the formal tests. The questions on these quizzes are not from the official test bank, and are 4-choice questions rather than 3-choice as elsewhere. These quizzes are open-book, completed at your leisure, and may be attempted multiple times.

MyPsychLab: Created by the textbook publisher, MyPsychLab is an online study aid with assignments. See the MyPsychLab page for more information.

Materials to Borrow: If you don't have your textbook on hand, or a print copy of the study guide, you can borrow them in the Psychology Learning Center. You will need to leave a photo ID as security while you have items checked out.

Supplemental Tests: This is what most students think about when they think of the Psychology Learning Center. It is the place where you take the A and the C tests. This is, indeed, one of the biggest aids for your success in class. There aren't many courses that allow you to take a test over again... and again. But if you take the A and C tests offered in the Learning Center, you'll have three chances to earn a grade for the course. We do this, in part, because we know that it's a hard course. Be prepared: you MUST have a photo ID to take a test in the Psychology Learning Center. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are taking your course at an extension site off campus, your instructor will use the supplemental tests developed through the Learning Center to give you more than one chance to take the test on each unit.