Completing the Experiential Course Survey

To enroll in an experiential course, the College requires that you complete the Experiential Course Survey.  This survey can be found in the following way:

1. Log into MyMCC (
2. Click on the "Students" tab
3. Click on the "My Account" subtab
4. Click on the "Student Self Service" graphic
5. Click on "Student" tab
6. Click on "Student Surveys" link
7. Click and complete the survey called "Experiential Course Survey"

Completing the survey should remove the error message and provide you the ability to register for class.

If your answer on the survey is YES, please see how to Obtain an Unsuppressed Record Review, as this process is required in order for you to remain enrolled in an experiential course or activity, and it takes time.

If you have trouble with the survey, email  Please include your M number in your email.