Immunization FAQ

What if I'm a student enrolled in a fully online/remote/Hyflex course and WILL NOT be coming to campus to use facilities or for any other reason?
While students are exempt from SUNY's vaccination requirement, they are still required to confirm their exemption to avoid a course withdrawal.  Students must sign the COVID-19 Remote/Online Attestation Form through the Student Health Services Portal.

What if I have not been fully vaccinated for COIVD-19 prior to the start of the semester?
If you have had at least one vaccine dose, and are not yet eligible for the next dose, and provide Health Services proof, then you may be granted a temporary medical accommodation to extend the completion of any vaccine series.

Where and how can I get my immunization records?
Students can contact their primary care provider, high school, previous job in healthcare, current/previous college(s), or military to obtain your immunization records. This PDF contains more tips on locating your immunizations.

What if I can't find proof of my previous vaccines?
Student can receive the immunization from their primary health care provider or from the Monroe County Health Department Immunization Clinic.
MCC can also provide students with a lab order for a MMR blood draw (titer) to determine immunity. This blood titer is to be completed at an outside laboratory, or you may request the order from your primary health care provider.  Please note, this blood work may incur a fee that the student is responsible for based on insurance coverage.   

I am a current student, how do I get a copy of my immunization records?
Students can access, upload, and update immunization records using MCC’s Student Health Services Portal