New York State of Health

There is help available on the Brighton campus until  5/18/18
from New York State Health Insurance Marketplace enrollers.
 Enrollment for ACA insurance is available all year for:

1. The “Essential Plan” ($20/month) or Medicaid (no cost). Many college students qualify for one of these insurances.

2.  If you had a “qualifying life event” (loss of insurance or job, major change in your finances, getting married or divorced etc).Please check with the enrollers about your particular situation.

Spring 2018 Schedule for NYS Marketplace Enrollers

(no appointments needed, but we recommend you call ahead to verify)

  • 11am-1pm, Tuesdays & Fridays
    Contact Tristian Best, (585) 694-9129, or
    Location: Brick Lounge, near vendors on first floor of Bldg. 1
  • 9am-12noon, Wednesdays
    (Except 2/7, 4/25, and 5/2)
    Contact Sheila Forsett (585) 754-7011 or
    Brick Lounge- near vendors on first floor of Bldg. 1
  • 10am-1pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays
    (Except 3/15, 3/29, 4/11 and 4/13)
    Contact Lisa Galletto (585) 278-4187 or
    Second floor terrace, Flynn Campus Center Atrium

Representatives can schedule a different time/location to meet with individuals. You are free to choose any plan you qualify for. For more information, please see the nystateofhealthwebsite.


Monroe Community College has once again contracted with the Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc. to offer student health insurance for purchase by any MCC student. Details about the policy are available at or on the summary or brochure.


  • Healthcare providers must be listed under the CIGNA PPO Provider Network (available through links at  the AJ Flood website or through the links on the summary flyer above).
  • Students must request a temporary insurance card soon after purchasing the insurance, in case they need to see a healthcare provider before the permanent card is mailed out (about 6-8 weeks into the semester).
  • To request a temporary card, contact any of the A.J. Flood representatives below and provide them with your name, student ID number, date of birth, gender, email address, mailing address and semester(s) of coverage.

  • The temporary ID card will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days and you can then print it.