Student Initiated Withdrawal

There are many reasons why a student might need or want to withdraw, including health problems. This is now a student initiated process, as your instructors cannot withdraw you. Students are often surprised to find that there is no "medical withdrawal"  designation at MCC. A withdrawal for any reason simply appears as a "W" on the student's transcripts. 

Steps for Student Initiated Withdrawal

Follow the steps below for withdrawal for any reason, including non-catastrophic health reasons.

  1. Before doing so, please connect with advisors in Academic Advisement.
    They can go over your options, especially since withdrawing can affect your financial aid, athletics eligibility, and veteran's benefits.
  2. Discuss your financial obligations with Financial Aid prior to withdrawing.
    You are responsible for 100% of tuition, and fees if you withdraw from a course or courses, after the drop/add period. 
  3. "Withdrawal" means officially leaving an individual class after the add/drop period, but before 80% of the course has been completed.
  4. "Complete withdrawal" means leaving all courses in a semester after the add/drop period, but this must be processed by the last day of classes (the Friday before finals week begins). After a complete withdrawal, students need to reapply to return to the college.

To Withdraw Electronically From Individual Courses

  1. Log into MyMCC
  2. Click on Students tab
  3. Click on My Courses sub-tab
  4. Click on Add/Drop sub-tab
  5. Select the Correct Term
  6. Choose Student Initiated Withdrawal for the specific course
  7. If the class(es) has a lab/cln/con, be sure to withdraw from all sections
  8. Submit changes

You will receive a “W” grade on your academic transcript.

To Withdraw in Person

For complete withdrawal from MCC or from individual courses, complete a withdrawal form at the Registration Office at the Brighton Campus (6-203) or at the Student Engagement Center at the Downtown Campus (2nd Floor, Room 210).

Health Services becomes involved in the withdrawal process only in the event of a catastrophic illness, injury, or medical event requiring hospitalization.

  • If the student is unable to withdraw themselves, they may request assistance with a withdrawal through our office.
  • Students must submit adequate documentation as soon as possible, but no later than 20 working days beyond the completion of the semester unless there are extraordinary circumstances.
  • If approved, a grade of ‘W’ will be entered on the official transcript. 
  • Students are responsible for 100% of tuition, financial aid and fees if withdrawn for any reason.