• Who is required to provide immunization records?
    What immunization records are required for students?
    Where and how do I get my immunization records?
    How do I check if my immunization records have been received by Health Services?
    How do I get a copy of my immunization records for transfer to another college?
    Visit our Immunization FAQ for answers to the five (5) questions above.
  • Does Health Services offer appointments?
    Yes. We see students by appointment only, except in emergencies. Please call (585) 292-2018 to schedule an appointment. Call early to schedule a same day appointment.
  • What Immunizations does Health Services Provide?
    Health Services will provide MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) vaccines as a part of admission requirements free of charge Monday through Friday by appointment only. Influenza vaccines are available at designated clinic hours. PPD's (tuberculin testing) for all second year medical programs are administered every weekday (except Thursday) by appointment only. PPD's are a two step process-first day is implantation of the test and a return visit in 2 to 3 days to have the test "read".
  • What services are provided at Health Services?
    Health Services provides ambulatory and preventive health services to all registered students.  We assist the student in managing wellness and health promotion, and link students to appropriate community resources and health care providers as needed.
  • What do I do if I get ill or injured and Health Services is not open?
    If students live on campus, and it is an emergency situation dial 2911 for Public Safety assistance. If any student needs to be seen by a medical provider after hours click on Wellness Resources and scroll down to Off Campus resources for a complete listing.
  • Where can I get my allergy shots while at college?
    The preferred option is to continue with your allergist or current physician. If you are a distance from home and that option is not feasible then you will need to make arrangements with a local allergist. Click on Wellness Resources for direct access to listings of local allergy/immunology doctors in the Rochester area. This is their area of expertise and will provide you with optimal care and management of your health care needs.
  • What resources are available to me for birth control and sexually transmitted infections?
    Students may come to Health Services for an initial consultation with a registered nurse. We can refer you to appropriate health care resources in the community, if needed. Health Services, in conjunction with the Monroe County  Department of Health, offers free, painless screening for chlamydia and gonorrhea.
  • What do I do if I begin missing a series of classes due to unforeseen circumstances?
    Students should contact their professors promptly for any absence from class due to illness/injury/personal situation. Extended absence due to serious illness or injury should be reported to Health Services. Health Services does not provide a medical excuse from classes. The department will notify professors of an extended absence due to illness or injury if the student will miss greater than 7 days and must provide physician documentation. The student needs to keep an open line of communication with their professor and if necessary discuss available options.