Interior Design

Interior Design A.A.S. (ID01)

The Interior Design program combines a study of the creative process with the practical requirements of materials, space planning, and building codes. Emphasis is placed upon using a variety of tools, including drawings and computer processes, to explore and communicate the solutions to design problems. Projects addressing both residential and commercial needs are incorporated into the program to provide a broad understanding of the field of interior design.

Admission and continuation in the interior design program is conditional upon completion of the following requirements:

  • A grade of C or better in High School Geometry or Math A exam.
  • Completion of required ESOL or Transitional Studies courses.

In addition, an understanding of the use of computers is expected. Those students who do not have such knowledge are encouraged to complete CRC101- Practical Computer Literacy prior to enrolling in IDE131- Building Information Modeling.

Careers in the field

Interior Designer, Facilities Planning, Home Furnishings, Sales, Materials Sales

Schools to transfer to

Rochester Institute of Technology, New York School of Interior Design, Syracuse University

Specific skills learned

Computer-aided design for interiors, two-dimensional design, space planning, residential and commercial design aspects, building codes, material requirements, architectural drawing, presentation techniques

Full-time faculty

Randy Johnson

Coursework enhancement activities available

Interior Design Resource Library, Visual and Performing Arts Learning Center

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