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Geospatial Information Systems Technology (GIST) Professionals

This Microcredential is the first in a sequence of three stackable GIST credentials. Coursework within this Microcredential (9 credits) can all apply to the new 24 credit GIST Certificate as well as the new A.A.S in Geospatial Information Science and Technology.

This Microcredential will address the growing competency skills gap in database acquisition, data management, Python for GIS, and web mapping. Input from the MCC GIST Advisory Board have informed course content. Feedback from the National GeoTech Center as well as the Upstate NY organizations has also been provided. As recommended by the New York State GIS Association and in the 2019 GIST Survey, the 9-credit Microcredential is geared for GIST professionals.


GEG 236, Geospatial Data Acquisition and Management, 3 credits, C or higher.
Prerequisite: GEG 130 and Corequisite GEG 133 or GEG 133 pre-req, or instructor permission.

GEG 237, Web Mapping, 3 credits, C or higher,
Prerequisite: GEG 130, or instructor permission.

GEG 238, Introduction to Geospatial Programming, 3 credits, C or higher.
Prerequisites: GEG 130, GEG 133, and GEG 230 or GEG 236 all with a grade of C or higher, or instructor permission.