Course Descriptions

HIM 205 - Professional Practice Experience I - WR

4 Credits

Applied practical experience under the guidance of professionals in health information-related settings. Included will be a forum for Professional Practice experiences and professional development content including current issues in the health care and health information field; employment opportunities; the role of the Professional Practice Supervisor; personal development and presentation; assertiveness training/techniques; responsibilities and privileges associated with professional membership; HIT-related professional agencies; and professional resources on the internet, including use of AHIMA Virtual Lab. Enrollment in HIM 205 is conditional upon satisfactory completion of the medical requirements and clearance from any existing health problem(s). Continued enrollment is conditional upon satisfactory completion of each Professional Practice rotation. One class hour, sixteen laboratory hours. This course, designated as "Writing Intensive", which will be reflected on transcript.

Prerequisite(s): HIM 111, BIO 134, BIO 135, and CRC 120, all with a minimum grade of C.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Interpret health information management (HIM) data content and standards.
2. Apply health information protection standards.
3. Utilize healthcare informatics, data, or analytics across the healthcare delivery system.
4. Utilize healthcare revenue management strategies.
5. Assess healthcare organization compliance with health information-related regulatory and accreditation standards.
6. Engage in health information leadership roles.
7. Comply with ethical standards of practice.
8. Integrate HIM prerequisite knowledge (anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical terminology and computer concepts and applications) into HIM functions.
9. Model HIM professionalism through demeanor and participation in professional organizations.

Course Offered Fall only

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