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ART 121 - Perspectives of Art History III: Non-Western Art

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3 Credits

An introductory course that focuses on the history, development and current influences of non-western art. Particular emphasis is on objects, images and architecture from India, China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Pre-Columbian and Native North and South Americas, Africa, and the cultures of the South Pacific Islands. For 2018-19, this course remains SUNY-H in addition to the other listed category below.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify by title, date, artist (if known) significant works of art and architecture that have shaped the unique characteristics of Non-Western art including India, China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Africa, Native North and South America as well as the cultures of the South Pacific Islands.
2. Discuss and compare relationships among the historical development of objects, ideas and images central to shapes and themes of major Non-Western Art and major works taken from the history of traditional Western Art and Architecture.
3. Explain the issues and historical contexts that designate various styles, technologies and diverse value systems which have influenced the development of Non-Western art and architecture.

Course Offered Spring

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