Course Descriptions

COM 203 - Compositing and Visual Effects

3 Credits

This intermediate course focuses on the study of live action video manipulation. Working with contemporary hardware and software, students will begin learning about and creating common audio and visual effects. The student will examine and explore historical uses of video effects to guide them in the creation of their own classroom projects. Three class hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Analyze the work of others to inform and direct the development of a unique visual style.
2. Demonstrate various methods of digital video capture.
3. Apply the basic knowledge of video effects to live-action shooting methods.
4. Apply computing skills to finalize video effects footage to a finished product.
5. Record and manipulate found audio for the implementation in live video.
6. Employ the manipulation of video color space for the dramatization of specific moods.
7. Develop a portfolio of skills for use in future projects.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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Intersession 2019
Spring Semester 2019