Course Descriptions

FSA 103 - Culinary Arts I: Fundamentals of Food Preparation

5 Credits

The course covers instructions in the foundations of culinary arts, including food theory, demonstrations and hands-on cooking. Students will engage in various food preparation techniques and will sample their culinary creations. Eight class/laboratory hours per week for one semester.

Co-requisite: FSA 106

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain various kitchen terminology
2. Demonstrate knife skills and cutting techniques
3. Identify various meat, poultry and fish cuts and their uses
4. Apply different cooking techniques and predict their outcomes
5. Identify kitchen tools/equipment and their use
6. Plate food products for eye appeal and customer convenience
7. Demonstrate proper cooking procedures, fundamental baking techniques, and appropriate seasoning of food products
8. Apply correct sanitation techniques
9. Interpret recipes
10. Demonstrate the ability to work as a team

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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