Course Descriptions

CE 260 - Cooperative Education-Hospitality Management

4 Credits

Students who work or desire to work, either full time or part time at jobs related to their college major or career interests are eligible for Cooperative Education. Students take a career-related classroom seminar (2 hours per week on campus or online) while working at a job (180 hours per semester) in the area of hospitality management. Successful completion of the seminar, and a minimum of 180 hours of work experience in any one semester, entitles a student to receive four credit hours. The Experiential and Adult Learning Office, located in Rm. 3-108E, will assist in obtaining jobs. A student's present job may qualify. Appropriate work experience must be approved by the instructor. Individuals must have completed 24 credit hours, with a 2.0 GPA. Exceptions permitted with permission from the instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain how work and personal life impact each other
2. Demonstrate through the use of a portfolio, personal and professional accomplishments
3. Demonstrate an ability to apply self-assessment and job techniques.
4. Demonstrate an ability to use job search skills to gain and maintain employment.
5. Explain how goals contribute to self-motivation, career objectives, and career planning strategies
6. Demonstrate effective methods of problem solving and conflict resolution
7. Discuss attitudes and values that will help you become a more productive individual

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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