Course Descriptions

FSA 110 - Principles of Baking-Bread Products and Cookie Doughs

3 Credits

This course covers instruction in the foundations of baking including theory, demonstrations and hands-on cooking. Students will engage in various bread and cookie preparation techniques including quick breads, yeast breads, enriched and laminated doughs, as well as a variety of cookie mixing methods. They will sample and critique their culinary work. One class hour, four laboratory hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain various bakeshop terminologies
2. Demonstrate tool and equipment techniques
3. Identify various ingredients, and their uses
4. Apply different mixing techniques, baking processes and predict their outcomes
5. Demonstrate proper production stages for yeast breads
6. Apply correct food safety and sanitation techniques
7. Demonstrate fundamental baking techniques
8. Interpret and evaluate recipes
9. Demonstrate the ability to work as a team

Course Offered Fall only

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