Course Descriptions

CPT 101 - Programming in Python

4 Credits

A gentle introduction to basic programming concepts using Python. Python is a high-level, interpreted object oriented programming language with built in data structures and dynamic data typing. This results in programs that are typically much shorter than programs written in Java or C++. Python’s built in debugger allows the developer to inspect variables, set breakpoints and evaluate expressions in real-time. The underlying C and Java like structure and modularity allow for easy integration or linkage to existing programs in these languages. The combined features of Python are well suited for rapid program development leading to enhanced productivity. Practical applications of Python may be found in the prominent fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics. This course utilizes an electronic-classroom setting to introduce the beginner or curious programmer to Python and basic programming concepts through a series of practical hands-on exercises interlaced with the discussion material. Three class hours, two lab hours.

MTH 104 with a grade of C or better, or MCC level 8 mathematics placement.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Utilize the interactive Python environment to define and debug Python functions.
2. Design and invoke Python program modules.
3. Apply common built-in Python language functions to solve problems.
4. Utilize built-in Python language tools to debug applications.
5. Develop modular Python applications that adhere to required specifications so that they may serve as a functional component of a larger collaborative programming project.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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