Course Descriptions

ACD 144 - Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse Group Counseling Skills

3 Credits

Development of specialized skills in group counseling appropriate in the field of chemical dependence counseling. Methods of application of these skills and knowledge necessary for implementing effective counseling will be provided. (Carries MCC college credit and 45 hours N.Y.S. OASAS-approved credit.) Three class hours.

Prerequisite: ACD 140 with a grade of C or higher or taken concurrently.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Complete a client needs assessment which may include the level of group placement.
2. Describe different types of group counseling methods, which could include techniques, timing, listening and the role of the facilitator.
3. Explain the stages of group counseling which could include the counselor's task at the different group stages.
4. Demonstrate effective group counseling skills which may include responses to group dynamics, behaviors of group members,or closure.
5. Demonstrate appropriate group note documentation.
6. Discuss ethical decision-making and conduct as they relate to substance abuse practice.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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