Course Descriptions

EMS 249 - Paramedic Review and Recertification

4 Credits

Emphasis is on knowledge review and update needed by paramedics for recertification. New techniques and knowledge will be presented where appropriate. Fifty-seven instruction hours, nineteen laboratory hours. Must be certified as a paramedic.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply the concepts of development, pathophysiology and pharmacology to assessment and management of emergency patients.
2. Demonstrate the appropriate techniques and describe the theory necessary to:
(a) Establish and/ or maintain a patient airway, oxygenate, and ventilate a patient; (b) Take a proper history and perform a comprehensive physical exam on any patient, and communicate the findings to others; (c) Safely manage the scene of an emergency;
(d) Perform patient care appropriate to the scope of practice of a paramedic.

Course Offered Fall only

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