Course Descriptions

COM 130 - Media Writing -WR

3 Credits

Media writing explores the different styles of writing for print media, broadcast media, the Web, advertising copy, and public relations materials. Students will learn how to gather information, write for specific audiences, and check for accuracy. This course will also discuss the legal implications of writing for the media. This course fulfills the MCC requirement for a humanities elective. Three class hours.

Prerequisite: ENG 101 or ENG 200

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Apply journalistic ethics in developing news stories.
2. Develop story ideas that have news value.
3. Apply the rules of demographics and psychographics to define audiences.
4. Evaluate credibility of news sources.
5. Apply effective interviewing skills to gather information from primary sources.
6. Compose news stories for a variety of media.
7. Apply journalistic standards to attribute sources.
8. Compose advertising copy.
9. Compose copy for a variety of public relations tactics.
10. Apply Associated Press Style Guide to write copy.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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