Course Descriptions

HSP 251 - Hospitality Marketing

3 Credits

Students will learn the theoretical concepts of developing a start-up business and will be able to experience through a simulation the planning, opening, operating and ownership realities of a hospitality/tourism business. The BYOB Simulation uses a unique technology platform based on a multi-participant interface through a real-time, online experience to provide learners with a powerful strategic hospitality/tourism management simulation. Core competencies are achieved in basic accounting, inventory management, human resources, marketing, and operations management. Additional skill sets are acquired through the intensive use of computer competencies such as Internet literacy, uploading, e-mailing, downloading and instant messaging. Students will draw from previous course content to enable successful completion of this course. Three class hours.

Prerequisite: Must be HM Major; MCC Math Placement Level 2 or higher or TRS 092 with a grade of C or higher

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the roles of sellers, buyers and intermediaries in the tourism industry
2. Identify some major historical developments that have affected travel products and the ways they are sold
3. Define intangibility, seasonality, parity, perishability and tell how these characteristics influence the marketing of travel products
4. Explain how marketers use geographic, psychographic and behavioristic segmenting in the marketing of travel products
5. Compare and contrast different methods of market research in the tourism industry
6. Describe the eight P's of the marketing mix in the tourism/hospitality industry
7. Explain what tourism industry markets are segmented
8. Identify the major factors that motivate people to travel
9. Identify and demonstrate the basic steps of personal selling
10. List techniques for recognizing how and when to close a sale

Course Offered Fall only

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