Course Descriptions

COM 202 - Techniques of Television I+

3 Credits

Introduction to the basic aspects of technical and production techniques of television and related audio systems used in the medium. Emphasis will be placed on theory and use of television equipment, direction, lighting, television graphics, scripting, basic engineering, distribution systems, and studio personnel. In addition to the student-produced and directed assignments, members of the class will participate in production crews. Students will be required to purchase one VHS-120 videotape cassette. Two class hours, two laboratory hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Discuss basic theories of television studio production.
2.Operate a television studio camera.
3.Set up traditional three-point lighting in a television studio setting.
4.Operate an audio board.
5.Operate a television studio switcher.
6.Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of a television production.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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