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Gender & Sexuality Studies

A.S. Degree - Transfer Program

Department:Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology

School(s): Social Sciences & Global Studies

MCC Program Code: GE01
CIP Code: 05.0299
NYSED Code (BRI): 37565
NYSED Code (DCC): 37566

50% or more of this program can be completed online.

This program's design is based on: New MCC General Education

The Gender and Sexuality Studies program is a transfer degree program which defines gender and sexuality as fundamental categories of social and cultural analysis. This program is an interdisciplinary program that employs the analytical frameworks of the social sciences and other disciplines of the liberal arts. Working from the premise that gender and sexuality are social and cultural constructions, this program will examine how they are categories of social organization and power relations. This program utilizes cross-cultural and historical scholarship to examine social institutions, social inequalities, and the intersections of gender and sexuality with other social identities. 

Program Learning Outcomes
1. Define gender and sexuality.
2. Explain the social construction of gender and sexuality.
3. Describe and explain how gender and sexuality are the basis for social organization on both micro and macro levels.
4. Analyze social hierarchies and inequalities based on gender and sexuality in the US and globally.
5. Compare and contrast the intersections of gender and sexuality with other social identities.
6. Describe the micro and macro level processes of inclusion and exclusion.
7. Apply theoretical principles of historical and contemporary scholarship.
8. Apply research skills to examine gender and sexuality.
9. Apply theoretical knowledge of social justice to promote an equitable social order.