Transfer Programs (A.A. or A.S.)

These two-year programs provide an opportunity for students to earn an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree and complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degree. The third and fourth years of study would be completed at a four-year college or university to which the student transfers after the completion of the program at Monroe Community College. Because each four-year institution has its own program and degree requirements, any student planning to transfer is advised to select courses in consultation with a department chairperson, faculty member, or counselor. MCC offers specific transfer curricula leading to the A.A. or A.S. degree in:

Program Name
Addictions Counseling (A.S. DEGREE)
African-American Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Biology (A.S. DEGREE)
Business Administration (A.S. DEGREE)
Business: International Business (A.S. DEGREE)
Chemistry (A.S. DEGREE)
Cinema And Screen Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Commercial Art And Illustration (A.S. DEGREE)
Communication And Media Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Computer Information Systems (A.S. DEGREE)
Computer Science (A.S. DEGREE)
Creative Writing (A.A. DEGREE)
Criminal Justice (A.S. DEGREE)
Engineering Science (A.S. DEGREE)
English (A.A. DEGREE)
Fine Arts (A.S. DEGREE)
Fire Protection Technology (A.S. DEGREE)
Gender And Sexuality Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Geography (A.S. DEGREE)
Geology (A.S. DEGREE)
Global Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Health Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Homeland Security (A.S. DEGREE)
Human Services (A.S. DEGREE)
Individual Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Information Technology (A.S. DEGREE)
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Adolescence Education (Teacher Education Transfer) (A.A. DEGREE)
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) (A.A. DEGREE)
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Early Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer) (A.A. DEGREE)
Liberal Arts And Sciences: General Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Liberal Arts And Sciences: Science (A.S. DEGREE)
Mathematics (A.S. DEGREE)
Music Performance (A.S. DEGREE)
Philosophy (A.A. DEGREE)
Physical Education And Exercise Science (A.S. DEGREE)
Physics (A.S. DEGREE)
Psychology (A.S. DEGREE)
Sport Management (A.S. DEGREE)
Sustainability Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Theatre Arts (A.S. DEGREE)
Urban Studies (A.S. DEGREE)
Wellness Coaching And Health Management (A.S. DEGREE)