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GLF 140 - Introduction to Golf Science

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3 Credits

This course will provide the basic information on the structure and function of the human body as it is applied in the golf swing. It will also provide the basic science used in the research and development of the implements and objects used in the game. That information combined will provide the student with the ability to qualitatively evaluate the swinging of the golf club. Basic Computer and Internet skills are required.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Understand the interaction of applied anatomy and the implements and objects used in the golf swing.
2. Determine if the person is positioned properly before the action and has chosen the correct implement, and the object is correctly positioned.
3. Break down the actions of the body and the implement at the moment of inertia through impact.
4. Recognize the correct recovery position of the body and implement after completion of the swing.
5. Evaluate the result of the actions by observing the flight path of the ball.
6. Identify the required adjustments in the variables based on the observation.
7. Implement changes to improve the results of the swing.

Course Offered Spring only

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