Course Descriptions

PST 146 - Hazardous Materials: Characteristics and Behavior

3 Credits

A study of chemical structures and reactions of hazardous materials with an emphasis on how they impact emergency management. Course topics include basic chemistry bonding, organic and inorganic compounds, and fire chemistry. Each of the nine major hazard classes is examined in depth. The course prepares students to make informed decisions about how hazardous materials may behave when released or combined with fires, transportation accidents, storage accidents, and fixed-site spills. Information gathering, management and use is stressed. Three class hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the unique concerns related to identifying and responding to hazardous materials incidents.
2. Identify the presence and potential dangers of hazardous materials in emergency situations.
3. Apply knowledge of the Incident Management System to hazardous materials incidents.
4. Summarize basic chemical and toxicological concepts, decontamination procedures, aspects of personal protective equipment and their relationships in managing hazardous materials incidents.

Course Offered Spring only

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