Withdrawal Policy

A grade of “W” or “WI” for withdrawal may be assigned for courses under a number of circumstances outlined below. Since withdrawal from courses may affect financial aid, veteran benefits, etc., you are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor, counselor and/or financial aid counselor before deciding to withdraw.

You may receive a course withdrawal through:

Counseling and Disability Services Office (Brighton Campus) or Student Services Office (Downtown Campus) for complete withdrawals from the College.

Office of Health Services — for students failing to provide proof of immunization. (WI)

Office of Registration and Records — for student-initiated withdrawals.

MyMCC – students may also withdraw themselves online by clicking on “current student” on our website at

For more information on – registration dates and procedures.

Withdrawal from an Individual Course

Withdrawal from individual courses must be initiated after the schedule adjustment (drop/add) period, but no later than 15 class days before the end of the semester as designated by the official Academic Calendar (or a proportional amount of time for courses less than 15 weeks in length). You are able to withdraw from individual courses through the online registration system or by submitting a signed form available from Registration and Records, or the Student Services Center at the Downtown Campus. This process should be completed only after a discussion with the faculty member and financial aid advisor.

Course Withdrawals, Complete Withdrawals and Financial Aid

Students who receive financial aid are advised that they may lose continued eligibility if they withdraw from course(s) or completely withdraw. The eligibility requirements of their financial aid package should be checked carefully prior to course withdrawal(s) or complete withdrawals.

Complete Withdrawal from the College

Counseling and advisement prior to the decision to withdraw can assist you in deciding if complete withdrawal is appropriate for you. Complete withdrawals can be processed online until the deadline for individual course withdrawals listed on the Academic Calendar.

If you wish to withdraw completely from the College after this date, you must provide official notification to the Counseling, International and Veteran Services Office (Brighton Campus) or to the Student Services Center (Downtown Campus) by the last day of the semester.

Your withdrawal date is considered to be the date the official notification is received in the appropriate office. YOU ARE NOT OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWN UNTIL THIS PROCESS IS COMPLETED AND RISK RECEIVING “F” GRADES FOR ALL CURRENT COURSES.

Grades earned for short term courses within the semester will remain on your transcript and not be changed to “W” grades when completely withdrawing from the college. Courses ending on or after the complete withdrawal request will be issued “W“ grades. You may not request a complete withdrawal from a course that ended earlier in the term but has not yet been graded.

After a complete withdrawal from a term, you will be required to apply for readmission through the Admissions Office if you stop out for more than one semester or plan to return in a different program.