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Special Studies

BIO 182 - Marine Biology - Bahamas

Start Date: 07/11/2006 - End Date: 12/31/2008

This is a field-based natural science course designed for students interested in hands-on examination of the marine biology and geology of San Salvador Island, The Bahamas. Eighteen class hours of study will be completed on campus in the fall semester prior to participation in a two-week field experience at the Gerace Research Center on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas, during the January intersession period. Students will study the marine organisms and the geology of five different habitats on San Salvador Island: patch coral reef, marine grassy flat, intertidal zone, hard substrate, and soft substrate. Students will be required to complete a field notebook detailing observations for each habitat, prepare a marine habitat report, and participate in a community service project and/or a field-based research project while on the island. The ability to swim and snorkel in the ocean are prerequisites for participation in this course along with having a valid U.S. (or other) passport. SCUBA certification and experience are not required for enrollment in this course, although opportunities to observe the marine habitats using SCUBA will be available. Two class hours, two laboratory hours. Offered Fall and Intersession Semesters, and Other.

4 Credits