Government and Community Relations

Getting Publicity

Getting Publicity

To have a new course, program or special activity promoted, call the Government and Community Relations practitioner responsible for your area – also known as beats.

Before contacting Government and Community Relations, take a moment to prepare. For example, be able to provide such information as: date, time, location, persons involved, cost, registration deadline, who may participate, the audience you hope to reach and your communication goal. See “Got News?” for a quick reference regarding information needed to publicize routine news. The types of promotional tools to be used (e.g. press release, press conference, media advisory, publication, etc.) and the scope of the publicity effort (e.g. local, national, higher education community, etc.) can be discussed with your Government and Community Relations practitioner.

Do contact the Government and Community Relations Office as soon as you know of your upcoming event, or no later than four weeks in advance of the event/program. Routine publicity requests can often be carried out over the phone or via e-mail. It is important to contact the Government and Community Relations Department during the earliest planning stages. Then, the PA practitioner is often able to provide helpful tips on developing a well-rounded and realistic publicity program, as well as coordinate any press coverage for the event.

The Government and Community Relations team sometimes uses photography as an accompaniment to a newsworthy story. To balance a wealth of priorities, at least one week’s notice is necessary and most appreciated.

Why it’s important to know the proper protocol

The assistant to the president for college, community and government relations is the official spokesperson for Monroe Community College; the Government and Community Relations Office serves as the initial contact point for all press inquiries. Any contact with the media must be initiated or approved by the MCC Government and Community Relations Office. This ensures that the College presents itself effectively and in a manner that meets both the College’s and the media’s interests.

If you are contacted directly by a reporter, please let the Government and Community Relations Department know. If the journalist is seeking your perspective as an expert in a particular field, feel free to comment to the extent to which you are comfortable. If, however, the reporter is seeking information on any other aspect of Monroe Community College, it is important to call the Government and Community Relations Office before granting the interview. In just a few minutes, we can help you maximize the opportunity by focusing on key messages, verifying information and helping avoid the chance that information you provide might somehow
be misconstrued.

Please Note: Responses to media inquiries need to be addressed immediately. Reporters’ deadlines are usually very tight.