Government and Community Relations

Publicity Tools

Publicity Tools

Press Releases
Press releases are a common, efficient and economical means of promoting Monroe Community College. Press releases conform to recommendations of the Associated Press Stylebook, an official journalistic style used by most reporters and editors. While there are various types of press releases, all releases have several things in common:

    • The information is of interest to a significant number of people. In other words, it must be newsworthy.
    • All pertinent facts, e.g., date, time, place, cost, etc., are included.
    • All information is accurate.
    • Language is free of overly technical, academic and hyperbolic terms.
    • The press release is of reasonable length for the subject matter.
    • Distribution is well timed in consideration of publication schedules, media priorities and the news being announced.
The College has no control over the way a release is used by a news medium, the page on which it is published, or the manner in which it is edited. There is no guarantee that the media will even use a particular release. Remember, a news release is considered free advertising because it is solely up to the media’s discretion as to whether it is worthy of space or time.

Anything unique or unusual in your department or division that might be beneficial to the College if publicized should be reported to the Government and Community Relations Office. Many major stories in area newspapers have been the result of faculty members who have said at the onset, “I’m not sure this is newsworthy but...” Don’t hesitate to suggest ideas!

The Government and Community Relations Department maintains clippings of all stories that mention the College. Copies of these clippings are available upon request.

MCC Daily Tribune
The MCC Daily Tribune is an internal, daily e-newsletter published to provide timely news to college faculty and staff. All MCC employees are encouraged to submit their MCC news. Every issue provides details on how to submit a news item using a Microsoft Outlook form. Submissions for the next day's MCC Daily Tribune must be in by 3 p.m..

The Monroe Doctrine
The student newspaper, The Monroe Doctrine, can often be an appropriate publicity vehicle to the MCC community. Contact the newspaper’s editor directly at ext. 2540 for information. The Government and Community Relations Office regularly sends press releases to The Monroe Doctrine.

Press Conferences
Press conferences are reserved for the introduction of major projects or announcements at MCC, such as those regarding new facilities or new significant partnerships. If you have a new initiative that you feel might warrant a press conference, contact Assistant to the President for College, Community and Government Relations Cynthia Cooper at ext. 3022 to discuss your project

Media Advisories
The media advisory is an announcement of a newsworthy event or activity. As always, it is at the discretion of media as to whether the subject warrants coverage.

Public Service Announcements
These short (usually 30 seconds), unpaid radio announcements may be aired at any time of the day or night. Sometimes, the decision by media to air PSAs depends on whether the College has also contracted for paid advertisements with that station.

Channel 3
Events or activities relating to distance learning can be publicized on Channel 3 during summers or MCC intersessions. For more information, contact your Government and Community Relations practitioner.

PowerPoint Presentations
If you are developing a presentation and would like to use PowerPoint templates designed to fit within the MCC brand, access a template in the Brand Toolkit online.

Again, to ensure a consistent college image, MCC has stationery standards for correspondence, internal memorandums and facsimile transmissions. Additionally, college business cards follow a standard design. Stationery may be personalized to a certain degree within established guidelines. Special requests for stationery or business cards must be approved by the Government and Community Relations Department prior to printing.

Many MCC departments and programs issue certificates to recognize students and employees. Such certificates have the potential to be highly visible and, therefore, must represent the college well. MCC has guidelines and templates to ensure quality and consistency. See your Government and Community Relations practitioner for details.