College Directory

Dept. of Education & Human Services

Downtown Campus
Building: 32, Room: 674
Phone Number: 585-685-6008
Fax Number: 585-292-3827
Web Site: Dept. of Education & Human Services

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Radigan, Eileen T., Chairperson585-685-6205
Kirkpatrick, Anne K., Secretary585-685-6135
Richardson, Robin A., Fieldwork Coordinator585-685-6208
Acquilano, Nelson C.585-685-6008
Costanza, Richard A., Assist. Professor585-685-6102
Cotturone, Michelle L.585-685-6008
Crowley, Nancy R.585-685-6008
Footer, Jeffrey A.585-685-6008
Graham, Ann 585-685-6008
Green, Erika J.585-685-6008
Hilderbrandt, Christopher J.585-685-6008
Johnson, Denise M.585-685-6008
Johnson, Craig 585-685-6008
Johnson, Michael J.585-685-6008
Levine, Amy 585-685-6008
Mandly, Elizabeth M.585-685-6193
Masters, Deborah 585-685-6008
Meyer, Ann M.585-685-6008
Mullaney, Joan C., Professor585-685-6199
Musler, Mary Louise F.585-685-6008
Scanlon, Renee L.585-685-6008
Shiao, Lena Y., Assoc. Professor585-685-6161
Tracy, Seanelle 585-685-6008
Treahy, John P.585-685-6008
Vitale, Alfred 585-685-6008
Waasdorp, Janet M., Professor585-685-6173
Wilson-Snider, Jamesha T.585-685-6008
Wyant, Tracy 585-685-6008

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