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College Directory

Workforce Development

Downtown Campus
Building: 32, Room: 704
Phone Number: 585-685-6004
Fax Number: 585-292-3836

Web Site: Workforce Development

Staff Listing

NamePhone #Email
Nowicki, Kenneth , Director, Skilled Trades & Industrial Technology585-685-6172
Miesch, Emily C., Secretary585-685-6227
Raymond, Jodell , Program Coordinator, Workforce/Community Service Programs585-685-6215
Isbell-Jones, Deborah , Technical Assistant585-685-6211
America, Brittany N.585-685-6287
Avery, Shenita L
Brown Lonis, Kelly L.585-685-6182
Campbell, Anastasia 585-685-6354
Caprio, Michael P585-685-6287
Gertner, James J.585-685-6232
Klopfer, Kelsey
Lynch, Marcia 585-685-6283
Macarie, Stephanie 585-685-6186
Martinez, Meka Y.585-685-6333
Quinlivan, Heidi A.585-685-6233
Sofia, Mari K.
Visveswaran, Siva 585-685-6364
Wheat, Lynda 585-685-6116
Wright, Aleja 585-685-6139

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