Launch Your Business!


Are you an MCC student, recent alumnus or alumna, or community member with a great idea for a new business? Would money and a personal mentor help you get started?

Thanks to a grant from the Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund and the MCC Foundation, you have an opportunity to present your idea at Scholars’ Day 2021 and compete for the support you need to Launch Your Business!

In 2017, leaders of the Everyday Entrepreneur Venture Fund selected MCC from a group of elite community colleges around the country to inspire and support student entrepreneurs. Most recently, MCC students and alumni presented their ideas at Scholars' Day 2020 where the top 12 were selected to receive scholarships to MCC Corporate College and personalized mentoring. These aspiring entrepreneurs will go on to present their ideas and potentially receive venture funding to help them launch or grow a successful business for our community!

Launch Your Business logo - compete for funding, win much more

The following aspiring entrepreneurs participated in the 2020 Launch Your Business! Corporate College and presented to the funding committee in October 2020:

  • Adolf Akuffa-Afful
  • Nita Brown
  • Jeice Daggett
  • Anita Danzy
  • Duvall Moore
  • Daniel Ortiz
  • Katrina Ravenell
  • Michael Schmitt
  • Esra Sula

Thank you to all who supported student, alumni, and community entrepreneurs through their Launch Your Business! experience. The MCC Virtual Entrepreneurship Day is November 20, 2020; come hear more about the program and learn more about entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to Nita Brown, Anita Danzy, Duval Moore, and Michael Schmitt (pictured left to right) on participating in Launch Your Business! 2020, and receiving a total of nearly $50,000 in venture funding.

Photo of Nita Brown
Anita Danzy
photo of Duval Moore
photo of Michael Schmitt