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Preparing Citizens & Professionals through Humanities Education

Essential Discussions at MCC

Amidst an ever-expanding, tech-driven labor market and increased emphasis on career preparation in higher education, the value of liberal arts is understated in our sociocultural discourse. 

Join MCC in positioning the arts, humanities, and social sciences as central to the mission of the community college. In their capacity to educate the whole student, these fields of study remain vital constituents in effective preparation for careers and civic engagement--thus strengthening both our economy and democracy. 

Featured keynote speakers Paula Krebs, Ph.D. from the Modern Language Association and Roosevelt Montás, Ph.D. from Columbia University will lead us in exploring the humanities classroom and what it means to educate productive citizens. Response panels comprising student, faculty, and administrator perspectives from a variety of institutions will follow the morning and afternoon keynote presentations.

Attendees of this one-day colloquium will discover ways to:

  • Better define and convey the value of studying the arts, humanities, and social sciences to students and others.
  • Inspire cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Educate students for both career success and productive civic engagement.

Please register online by March 9 and join MCC for this essential discussion on how liberal arts education impacts the student experience, particularly in the contexts of both career preparation and civic responsibility. 

Professor in classroom