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Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Department 
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Office: Building 8, Room 542
Phone Number: (585) 292-2946
Fax: (585) 292-3874
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  Office Hours:
Rm 8-542
Mon, Wed, Fri                     10:00 am  - 10:50 am
Mon, Wed                              2:00 pm  -   2:50 pm

  (other times by appointment)

  My Courses this semester:
Dynamic Visualization Tools for Multivariable Calculus
      a project supported in part by a grant from the NSF (National Science Foundation)

      Multivariable Calculus Project Site               CalcPlot3D Exploration Applet
Professor Seeburger's Dynamic Math Pages:
  • My Dynamic Calculus Website:  Presently this site allows you to download a collection of Excel Calculus Explorations that I created and/or PDF handouts from math conference presentations and workshops I have given.  You can also contribute to a discussion on the topic of using technology to help students visualize calculus.
  • Applets supporting Larson Calculus:  A collection of applets I created for exploring Calculus using the Larson ET textbook.
  • Applets supporting Hughes-Hallett Calculus:  A collection of applets I created for exploring Calculus using the Hughes-Hallett Calculus textbook.
  • Applets supporting Anton Calculus: A collection of applets I wrote for exploring Calculus.  Here is a link to the old 8th edition applets:  Anton 8th edition applets
  • Applets supporting Salas Calculus:  A second collection of applets I created for exploring Calculus.
  • Equation Grapher with Calculus Explorations : This applet allows you to see the tangent lines to the graph of a function as you move along its graph, the graph of a function and its derivative together, the area function formed by accumulating the area under a graph, and much more. 

    (To enable copying of the graph's image to the clipboard as an EMF image for Word, with CTRL-c, click here and choose Run when asked about the certificate.)  Sometimes it is helpful to resize the browser window to resize the graph while keeping the text larger for small graphs.   
  • Washer Method Exploration :  With this applet, you can explore solids of revolution using the washer method. 
  • Shell Method Exploration :  Similar to the previous applet, but explores solids of revolution using the shell method. 
  • Volumes of a Common Cross-Section Exploration : This applet allows you to explore solids formed by cross-sections that are the same shape, but whose size is determined by their base over a given region in the plane. 

    Slope Fields:
  • Direction Field Exploration:  An updated version of the Slope Field Exploration that displays direction fields (with arrows) by default.

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