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Section 4.4 3D Options menu

3D Options menu
Standard Projection:

This is the default view. No 3D glasses special viewing techniques are required.

Colored Red-Cyan:

This mode is meant to be used with red-cyan 3D glasses. It makes the 3D plot appear to be half behind the screen and half in front of the screen. It is the standard 3D mode used when you click on the 3D glasses toolbar button.

Stereo Pair:

This mode provides you with two side-by-side versions of the 3D plot. You need to stare at these images so that your left eye is looking at the left image and your right eye is looking at the right image. Then a third image should appear in the center that looks 3D and is colored exactly as the standard view is. To achieve this, I find it helpful to cover my right eye while focusing my left eye on the left image. Then cover my left eye while focusing my right eye on the right image then opening both eyes again.

VR Stereo Pair:

This mode is still experimental, but is intended to allow the 3D plot in CalcPlot3D to be viewed using a Virtual Reality (VR) viewer on a phone. It's been tested on an iPhone so far, but seems to work differently on Android phones.

If it is working as intended, the 3D view should rotate when you turn your head from side to side or look up or down.