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Section 4.1 File menu

File menu

Subsection 4.1.1 View Vector Explorations

Opens up the Vector Explorations dialog. See Section 5.1.

Subsection 4.1.2 Create an STL file from the plot

Opens the STL Creation dialog. See Section 7.1.

Subsection 4.1.3 Save the plot as a PNG

Allows you to save the current plot image as a PNG file.

Subsection 4.1.4 Copy option on/off (in Chrome)

In the Chrome browser, the default behavior on an image is to be able to right click on it and copy it to the clipboard. But in CalcPlot3D, the default behavior is to do something else when you right-click on the 3D plot. This option allows you to use the standard Chrome contextual menu to copy the 3D plot image to the clipboard. Clicking this option again will restore the default CalcPlot3D right-click behavior.

Subsection 4.1.5 Encode View in URL

This can be a very useful feature. When you have created a 3D plot view that contains the objects you want to share with someone else or wish to use later in a class demonstration, you can use this option to encode the objects, settings, and perspective in the current view into a query string that is added to the standard app URL. It is immediately reloaded with the encoded view to check that it encoded all that you wanted.

If you find something that is not yet encoded using this option, let me know by emailing me at

Note that you can add the encoded URL to your browser favorites, email it to a friend, student or professor, or you can include it on a webpage to automatically load the view when your visitors click on your link.