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Section 1.3 Other Toolbar Actions

Here is a description of each of the other toolbar buttons at the top of the CalcPlot3D control panel.

Reset button

Resets the app to the original view.

Clear Plot button

Clears the 3D plot of any plotted objects.

Zoom In

Zooms the domain window in by a factor of 1/2.

Zoom Out

Zooms the domain window out by a factor of 2.

Switch Transparency

Turns surface transparency on/off.

Show/hide Edges

Show/hide the surface edges.

Show/hide Faces

Show/hide the surface faces.

Update plot

Force all objects to update in plot.

Next 3D rendering mode

Render plot using the next 3D Hidden Surface mode. See Section 4.4.

These modes are:

  • Array Depthsort,
  • Array Depthsort Triangularized,
  • BSP Tree,
  • BSP Tree Triangularized,
  • Object Depth Sort
Format axes

Show/hide the format axes options.

Show Gridlines Menu

Show/hide the gridlines menu.

Show/hide 2D Traceplane

Show/hide the 2D traceplane and its options. See Chapter 3.