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Section 2.6 Text Labels

To add a text label to the plot, select the option Text Label from the Add to graph menu. The following dialog will appear:

Text label object dialog
Figure 2.6.1 Text label object dialog

Enter the text you wish to use in the label and the coordinates of the point in the plot at which you want the text to appear. Then select a font, a font size, and a color from the provided dropdowns.

The other options and their descriptions are below.


Makes the text bold


Makes the text italic


Formats all variables as Times New Roman italics to make them stand out.


Choose where the text should be placed with respect to the associated point. Select the alignment you wish to use.

To graph the text, either press enter in one of the text label textboxes or check the checkbox in the upper lefthand corner of the text label object dialog.

Currently parameters are not yet allowed in text labels, although it may be possible soon!

Note that there is also the option to add up to three top titles at the left-top, center-top, and right-top. These can even include LaTeX code (actually MathJax). See Subsection 4.5.1.