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Class Gift Dedications

2019 Class Gift Dedications

The Monroe Community College Foundation is pleased to offer graduating students, their families and friends and MCC faculty and staff a special opportunity to support the Class of 2019 Gift and submit a tribute for inclusion in the MCC 2019 Commencement Keepsake.

Graduating MCC students have the opportunity to show appreciation to their families, loved ones, fellow students and to MCC by submitting a Class Gift Dedication and gift of $5.

Family and friends of MCC graduates have the special opportunity to congratulate a member of the Class of 2019 and support the college. Write a tribute to your graduating student to be included in a special section of the Commencement Keepsake booklet. Submit your tribute below along with your minimum gift of $25.

MCC faculty and staff may also congratulate a member of the Class of 2019. Write a tribute to a graduating MCC student by submitting your tribute along with a minimum gift of $10.

Submit your dedication along with your Class of 2019 Gift today!

Sample Dedications

Following are three sample dedications.

  • Student Dedication Sample:

David Smith '19

"I would like to send a warm extension of thanks to my parents, Ann and John, for their support and encouragement. I could not have made it without you. I love you both very much!"

  • Family and Friends Dedication Sample:

Sarah Johnson '19, from Mom and Dad

"We knew you could do it, Sarah! Congratulations on earning your liberal arts degree. We are so proud of you! Good luck at RIT!"

  • MCC Faculty & Staff Dedication Sample:

Jamie Young '19, from Professor Wilson, VAPA

"Your enthusiasm and talent know no boundaries. Congratulations on earning your degree. The world is now your stage. Best of luck at the Eastman School of Music!"

Submit your tribute below to secure your spot in the keepsake! Proceeds go toward the MCC Annual Fund and support scholarships and programs for future MCC students!

You can also download one of the forms below and send it in to the MCC Foundation along with your payment.

The deadline for submissions is April 17, 2019!