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SUNY Guided Pathways January 16 Webinar Event

On Thursday, January 16, MCC virtually hosted the first SUNY Guided Pathways Webinar Event as part of SUNY Guided Pathways Cohort II.

The theme of the event was "Mapping your Guided Pathways". Cohort I & II colleges hosted watch parties for three hour-long webinar sessions with mapping and meta major experts from the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement (NCII), Jobs for the Future, Mohawk Valley Community College, MCC, and Onondaga Community College. Fourteen SUNY community colleges participated throughout the day. Each of the remaining SUNY Guided Pathways colleges will be holding similar events in the very near future, utilizing webinar recordings.

College teams also held team strategy sessions between webinars, similar to work sessions held during in-person institutes, geared to kick-start college planning for implementation of meta majors and student-facing curriculum maps. As a Cohort II college and Cohort I alumni team, MCC held watch parties and team strategy sessions at the Brighton Campus with more than 25 faculty and staff in attendance, representing each of the College's four divisions.

As MCC is the lead college for this grant project, many members of the MCC community also worked to plan and facilitate the January Webinar Event including:

  • Andrea Wade, Provost and Vice President & SUNY Guided Pathways Participating and Planning Team Member
  • Kimberley Collins, Associate Vice President & SUNY Guided Pathways Project Lead
  • Gary Johnson, Director of Schools and Integrated Pathways and MCC's Team Facilitator
  • Alex Campanis, Support Staff, Schools and Pathways
  • Renee Dimino, ESOL and TRS & SUNY Guided Pathways Project Director
  • Amanda Rampe, Technical Assistant to the Schools
  • Jessica Wilkie, English and Philosophy & SUNY Guided Pathways Coach and Faculty Liaison

Many thanks to MCC faculty and stafff who joined us throughout the day, to the MCC individuals leading this SUNY effort and MCC's guided pathways effort, and to SUNY System Administration for their leadership and support.

Dimino, Renee
SUNY Guided Pathways