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Mary Mendez Rizzo Presents at National Concurrent Enrollment Conference

Mary Mendez Rizzo presented in two sessions at the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. On Sunday October 13th, Rizzo was part of a panel discussion titled "Taking a Hard Look". The panel of three, seasoned, concurrent enrollment professionals, discussed what it takes to lead a program in an environment of competing priorities while maintaining a focus on academic quality. On Monday October 14th, Rizzo co-presented a session titled "Standards 101" providing attendees an overview of NACEP's 16 quality standards. Both sessions were highly attended and each year the conference draws over a thousand attendees.


Monroe Community College Dual Enrollment Program is one of 112 programs accredited by NACEP. As the sole accrediting body for concurrent enrollment partnerships, NACEP works to ensure that college courses offered by high school teachers are as rigorous as courses offered on the college campus. NACEP helps programs adhere to the highest standards so students experience a seamless transition to college and teachers benefit from meaningful, ongoing professional development. For the past two years, Mary has also served as a NACEP Accreditation Commissioner, promoting NACEP's standards and assisting colleagues nationwide with their accreditation applications.

O'Brien, Suzanne
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