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Advising Hot Tip: How to find an Advisement Key

Advisement keys are assigned to specific student populations in order to ensure they receive advisement prior to registration. If a student has an advisement key, they must receive the key (a 6-digit numerical code) from their assigned advisor in order to complete their registration.

A student will have an advisement key if:

  • They have a GPA below 2.0.
  • Their major is LA01 (undeclared).
  • They are enrolled in a competitive health program. These students must receive the key from their department and may not receive their advisement key from another advisor.

The Degree Works heading will indicate if the student needs an Advisement Key (see attached).

You can access your advisee's advisement key by logging into Banner Self-Service.

Go to Faculty Services

Student Information Menu

View Advisement Key

Make sure you are in the Spring 2020 term

Please be sure to document your advisement session in Degree Works Notes.




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Dingee, Sally
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