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2018-19 THEME: Teaching with Purpose

Last year, the Teaching and Creativity Center's theme was Navigating Changing Environments, and our programming highlighted some of the ways in which the landscape of higher education (from public perception to policy to pedagogy) is ever-shifting, both positively and negatively.

One sub-theme that surfaced during these conversations and workshops at both campuses was this: The work we do is hard. Sometimes extremely, excruciatingly hard. Even in the smoothest of landscapes, things take their toll. A pebble gets in one's shoe. Dust accumulates. Sometimes our best intentions are thwarted in dozens of small (or large) ways.

It is in the spirit of validating our hard work, and creating the time and space to reflect on it, that we present this year's TCC theme: Teaching with Purpose. We are approaching this theme with two senses of the word "purpose" in mind, and thus from two directions: 1) An inward turn: purpose as personal motivation and meaning, and 2) An outward turn: purpose as intentional action to improve one's pedagogy and the classroom experience for all learners. We know that the latter cannot happen without the former. In a recent study, for example, researchers found that professors are most likely to adopt effective teaching practices if they are intrinsically motivated to do so. Not surprisingly, external pressure, or guilt, are not positive motivators when it comes to pedagogy.

Please join us this year for a series of Conversations on the Brighton campus; the Fall Forum at the Downtown Campus, and the 2019 June Teaching & Learning Conference (details for which will be announced at a later date). All faculty and staff are welcome.

Brighton Campus (all events in 12-201)

Fall 2018
  • Monday, Sept. 17, 12:00 PM: What Motivates You?
  • Monday, Oct. 15, 12:00 PM: What Impedes You?
  • Monday, Nov. 19, 12:00 PM: Recovering From Faculty Burnout

Brighton Fall 2018 Conversations Flyer

Spring 2019
  • Monday, Feb. 4, 12:00 PM: Purposeful Classroom Climate
  • Monday, Mar. 18, 12:00 PM: Purposeful Inclusivity in Course Materials
  • Mon., Apr. 29, 12:00 PM: Purposefully Examining Our Successes


Fall Forum, Location: High Falls A & B
Oct. 12, 12:00-3:30 PM 

Fall Forum Flyer


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