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TCC: Structuring Productive Conversations #4 of the Leading Effective and Impactful Meetings Series

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Library Classroom 2-423
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

Structured productive conversations raise up all voices instead of just the few. Constructing inclusive conversations is a technique which brings focus to useful collaborative work while avoiding unproductive tangents. In the "Structuring Productive Conversations" workshop, participants will explore the application of protocols to create a space of purposeful reflective dialogue. Using structured techniques collected by the School Reform Initiative, participants will be introduced to suitable conversation-based protocols for meetings. Whether an individual is looking to reimagine the design of meeting conversations or envision a new phase of back-and-forth dialogue between colleagues, this workshop will provide relevant takeaways for structuring productive conversations.

CONTACT: Eric Berg, Calvin Gantt, or Dax Parasnis-Samar