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2+2 Advising Guides

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SubmittedProgram CodeProgram
spaceAS30B.S. Social Work-Addictions
spaceBA37/BU40B.S. Accounting (BA37)/B.S. Business Leadership/Marketing (BU40)
spaceHU39B.S. Social Work
spaceLA46B.A.Liberal Arts - Numerous Majors Available
spaceLA71B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders
spaceMC33B.A. Mathematics
spaceTH31B.A. Theatre Arts
spaceBA40/BU43B.S. Accounting and Information Management (BA40) & B.S. Business Administration (BU43)
spaceCJ38B.S. Criminal Justice
spaceCM36B.A. Communication/B.A. Media
spaceEM30B.S. Homeland Security & Applied Intelligence
spaceHU40B.S. Social Work
spaceLA47B.A./B.S. Liberal Arts - Numerous Majors Available
spaceLA48B.S. Nursing
spaceLA66B.S. Economic Crime Investigation
spacePC30B.A./B.S. Psychology
spacePE32B.S. Ed. Physical Education
spaceSM32B.S. Sports Management & Marketing
spaceBA41/BU44B.S. Business Administration (BA41/BU44) Major Fields of Study: Accounting (BA41), Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management (BU44)
spaceBI30B.S. Business Administration - International Business
spaceBT31B.S. Biotechnology & Molecular Bioscience
spaceCI32B.S. Management Information Systems
spaceCJ39B.S. Criminal Justice
spaceCJ40B.S. Criminal Justice
spaceCM37B.S. Communication
spaceCS36B.S. Computer Science
spaceEN35B.S. Computer Engineering, B.S. Electrical Engineering, B.S. Industrial Engineering, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Microelectronics Engineering
spaceIT32B.S. Computing and Information Technologies
spaceLA49B.S. Environmental Sustainability, Health & Safety
spaceLA50B.S. Environmental Science
spaceLA51B.S. Biochemistry; Chemistry; Physics;
spaceLA52B.S. Dietetics and Nutrition & B.S. Nutritional Sciences
spaceLA53B.S. Packaging Science
spaceLA54B.S. Psychology
spaceLA61B.S. Public Policy
spaceLA63B.S. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
spaceLA64B.S. International and Global Studies
spaceLA65B.S. Sociology and Anthropology
spaceLA68B.S. Museum Studies
spaceLS33B.S. Exercise Science
spaceMC34B.S.Applied Mathematics/B.S. Applied Statistics
spaceOT30B.S. Imaging Science
spaceBA42/BU45B.S. Accounting/ Finance (BA42) & B.S. Management/Marketing/Human Resources Management (BU45)
spaceBA44/BU51B.S. Accounting/Finance (BA44) & MBA B.S. Management/Marketing/Human Resources Management (BU51) & MBA
spaceCJ41B.A. Criminology & Criminal Justice
spaceCM38B.A. Media & Communication
spaceCM42B.S. Media Management
spaceCS37B.A./B.S. Computer Science
spaceEG30B.A. English
spaceLA55B.A./B.S. Liberal Arts - Numerous Majors Available
spaceLA56B.S. Nursing
spaceLC30B.A./B.S. Chemistry
spaceLS312+4 Pharmacy/Early Assurance
spaceLS32B.A./B.S. Biology
spaceMC36B.A/B.S. Mathematics
spaceNU30B.S. Nursing - Online RN to BSN
spacePC32B.A./B.S. Psychology
spaceSM33B.S. Sport Management
spaceAF30B.A./B.S.African & African American Studies
spaceBU31/BA31B.S. Business Administration (BU31) & Accounting Concentration (BA31)
spaceCJ31B.S. Criminal Justice
spaceCS30B.S. Computer Science
spaceFA31B.A./B.S. Art-Studio w/Graphic Design
spaceHS30B.S. Public Health/Consumer Health Concentration
spaceHS35B.S. Healthcare Administration
spaceHU37B.S. Social Work
spaceLA32B.A./B.S. Liberal Arts - Numerous Majors Available
spaceMC39B.S. Mathematics
spacePC31B.S. Psychology
spacePE30B.S. Kinesiology, B.S. Teacher Education
spaceTH32B.A./B.S. Theatre
spaceHS31B.S. Community Health
spaceLA39B.S. Speech and Hearing Science
CompletedPE31B.S. Ed. Physical Education
spaceSM30B.S. Sport Management
spaceBU37/BA34B.S. Business/Finance/Management/Marketing/Individualized Specialization (BU37) & B.S. Accounting/Public Accountancy (BA34)
spaceCJ34B.A. Criminal Justice
spaceCM33B.A. Journalism/B.S. Audio Production, Communication Studies, Media Management, Video Production
spaceFA34B.A. Visual Arts New Media Major
spaceSM31B.S. Sport Management
spaceBU38/BA35B.S. Business Administration (BU38) B.S. Accounting (BA35)
spaceLA41B.A./B.S. Liberal Arts - Numerous Majors Available
spaceMC41B.A. Mathematics
spaceBA39/BU42/BK30B.S. Accounting (BA39); B.S. Business Administration, Finance, Human Resources Management (BU42); B.S. Marketing (BK30)
spaceCJ37B.A. Criminal Justice
spaceCS34B.A. Computer Science/ Information Science
spaceLA45B.A./B.S. Liberal Arts - Numerous Majors Available
spaceMC42B.A. Mathematics/B.S. Applied Mathematics
spaceBA32/BU33B.S. Business Administration-Accounting (BA32) & B.S. Business Administration (BU33)
spaceCN31B.A. Film Studies
spaceLA72B.A. Environmental Design
spaceTE01Test Program
spaceBU54B.S. Business
spaceEN37B.S. Biomedical Engineering, B.S. Chemical Engineering, B.S. Electrical Engineering, B.S. Mechanical Engineering,
spaceLA60B.A. Liberal Arts - Numerous Majors Available
spaceMC38B.A./B.S. Mathematics