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TCC: Winter Teaching Institute

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Downtown Campus - High Falls A and B
08:30 am - 01:00 pm

Mark your calendars for the 2020 Winter Teaching Institute! It will be held on Wednesday 1/15/20 at the Downtown Campus from 8:30am-1pm.

2020 WTI Presentations Include:

  • Making Group-Work Work -  Presenters: Kathleen Borbee, Susan Hall, Binh-Yen Nguyen
  • Strategies for ESOL Students & the Faculty Who Teach Them - Presenters: Christina Lee and Katie Leite
  • Creating Community in the Classroom - Presenters: Susan Belair and Terry Shamblin
  • Faculty Practice and Impact on Retention - Presenters: Jason Andersion, Lydia Tien, and Jason Szymanski
  • Designing Assignments that Ensure Students are Learning - Presenters: Jim Cronmiller, Tori Matthews, and James Murphy
  • Video Quizzing in Ensemble - Presenters: Tom Capuano, Jeremy Case, and Andrea Gilbert
  • Active Learning Strategies - Presenters: Colleen Caruana, Suzanne Long, and Cari Rosario-Mathieu

Additional information about the presentations and a RSVP will be shared in a future Trib Article - Stay tuned!

2020 Flyer WTI.pdf

SPONSOR: Teaching and Creativity Center
RSVP: See future MCC Daily Tribune announcement
CONTACT: Erin Strobl