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Student Involvement Week (Day 4)

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06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Student Involvement Week :This 100% virtual week is designed to help you get connected to student organizations and departments at Monroe Community College. Starting Monday, February 01, 2021, you can visit our information sessions and events with student organizations and college departments. For the complete Student Involvement Week schedule please visit : to register. 

Please follow us at LEAD@MCC and FYE_MCC for more information on upcoming events. 

Thursday- February 04, 2021


Disney Bingo Sponsored by Black Student Union

Join us for an enchanting night with your favorite Disney tunes! From inspiring classics to epic Marvels, we have song titles from all of your favorite award-winning Disney masterpieces!

It works just like Playlist Bingo! Participants are ready to play with just their phone and a tablet or laptop. We provide a customized Magical Bingo card with names of Disney movies, and participants tune-in to a live-stream on Zoom with our professional comedian host. Sing along to your favorite Disney song titles while you mark off your Magical Bingo card. The first person to line up five in a row wins!

Every Magic Bingo game includes four chances to win and $200 in cash prizes! As soon as the game is over, winners receive their prize money directly to their PayPal accounts.

CONTACT: Errika Brooks or Matt Lawson